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Welliot – smart technologies for business and cities

Welliot – inspired by
the city life.

We are creating tools for the people who expect to have smart life in the city. Welliot is a technology concept which works in IoT style! Explore our products.


Welliot City

What can be done for your city? Outdoor.


Welliot Dib

What can be done for public places? Indoor.

What is the Idea?

Welliot is a project of technology smart adaptation. We are looking for everyday life situations where technology can work in a friendly style. City transport, public information or business places – can use Internet of Things – and that is a mission of doing iot well – welliot in the best way!


Work Experience

Welliot City & Welliot DiB • 2019 – Present
Commercial products: We have successfully created two final prototypes of our core products. Welliot City – dedicated for public transport informations and Welliot DiB – dedicated for public facilities.

Welliot • 2017 – Present
Project Welliot: The Digital Signage market is very inspiring. We are starting work on the Welliot project – which is to introduce a new quality into the world of visual communication and show why environmentally friendly solutions are the future of the Internet of Things.

Ediko’s Software • 2015 – Present
Software Development: A series of successes in the field of software development becomes the driving force for the development of this activity. The commercialization of the first software and entering the foreign market motivates the team to further ambitious activities..

Ediko’s Beginnings •  2001 – Present
Bundled Services: The market demand for outsourcing of services is growing. The Ediko company is established. We build competence in the sales and maintenance of advanced printing machines.

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